P25 Reflector
PORT: 41000
P25 Pi-Star Setup:

This P25 reflector is not loaded by default in the listed P25 reflectors available on Pi-Star. You can use the following instructions to manually load the reflector in to your Pi-Star.

From the Pi-Star dashboard, navigate to:
Configuration --> Expert --> SSH Access
You will be prompted to log in with your Pi-Star credentials.

The DEFAULT Pi-Star credentials are:
Login: pi-star
Password: raspberry

Enter the following commands:


sudo su

sudo nano /root/P25Hosts.txt

Enter the reflector information in the format:
{TG#}tab{ReflectorIP}tab(41000) - there are also instructions shown in the file.

Our entry will be "
3115 tab tab 41000"

tab is literally one push of the tab key. The example and your entry will not line out.

Save and Exit. Control plus X to exit (
Ctrl+x) and when prompted Y to save your changes.

Force Pi-star to re-load the P25Host file:

sudo pistar-update

You should now be able to select 3115 from the bottom of the P25 reflector list. After you select it and apply changes you should see yourself on the dashboard within 2 or 3 minutes.
P25 Reflector Dashboard
Information & Pi-Star Setup